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Online training systems, commonly referred to as Learning Management Systems (LMS), are applications that are used to administer, track, manage, and report on training within and across organizations. Unfortunately, some systems can be difficult to use, complicated to manage, and require months to set up. Our LMS provides all the benefits of an enterprise level LMS without the complications!

Our solution integrates with business systems to automate administrative work, promote synchronization across applications, and enable data transfer. We can even get your organization fully setup and running in less than 2 business days!

See below for a full list of our LMS features.

Learning Management System Features

Training Record Management

The training record management feature allows thousands of classroom and online training records to be instantly uploaded into our system. Once records are uploaded, the system automatically monitors, reports on, and notifies administrative users of expiring courses and training gaps.

Classroom Management

Manage classrooms, instructors, students, and courses across multiple locations and different days.

Training Matrix

Map out and manage your company’s training requirements across user roles and locations. Automate training renewal notifications, create training topics specific to company roles, and generate an easy-to-read grid that maps out all company-wide employee training requirements.

Fully Managed & Unlimited Support

We’ll take care of all system maintenance, upgrades, and hosting. We also offer telephone and email support to make sure you utilize all the features of our LMS.

Document Management

Upload, store, review, and track employee-specific documents including performance assessments, competency validation forms, annual reviews, and more.

Virtual Proctoring

A feature like no other! Learners taking online training will be asked to provide permission for their computer or device’s webcam to capture an image of their government-issued identification as well as record them as they complete their training.


Designed to allow for the efficient conversion of the entire system into multiple languages. Following translation and testing, a new language can be launched.


The eCommerce store engine includes a fully-managed, secure shopping cart that accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express payments.

Custom Branding

We custom brand your learning management system interface so that it matches and links seamlessly back to your company’s website, creating a great user experience.

Canadian Hosting

Our entire system and data reside on Canadian servers to address Canadian privacy requirements and avoid data searches otherwise possible under the US Patriot Act.

Cloud Storage

We utilize cloud storage to give us the ability to respond to growing system demands, scaling up quickly to service thousands of new users at a moment’s notice.

Reward Tracking

To help manage and track internal company reward systems, our LMS provides an online tool for adding and updating reward points for all employees.

Driver Management

Driver management is easy with our web-based tracking system that uploads and stores commercial driver information including licence details, abstracts, traffic violations, DOT certification, HazMat Endorsement, medical certificates, and more.

Course Admin

Our course administration features allows you to upload a variety of course types including SCORM and AICC, add certificates and supplemental course materials, set pass marks and number of attempts, and more.

Excel Uploader

Using Microsoft Excel formatted templates, you can easily create thousands of user accounts, upload thousands of classroom and online training records, and download training reports within minutes.

Course Codes

With our course code generator, administrators can effortlessly create, track, and distribute codes for a defined number of users to access a course whether they already have an online account or not.

Application Programming Interface

Our built-in Application Programming Interface (API) allows your internal business systems, such as a payroll system or company intranet, to integrate with our LMS to synchronize, make changes to, and export your employees’ training data as well as add and remove users.

Single Sign-On

Using the authentication process of your internal business systems to verify user credentials, Single Sign-On (SSO) allows employees to log in to any internal company system and then directly access our LMS without the need to log in again.

Course Library

One of the most unique and beneficial features of our LMS is the access it provides to a library of hundreds of safety courses created by professional training companies across North America.

Evaluation Tool

To allow you to deliver a customized exam to each user, a built-in evaluation tool allows you to create question pools, randomize the order of questions, randomize the order of answers, and more.

Role Management

By assigning unique levels of security clearance to each user role, it is possible to differentiate the amount of access users have to company settings, system features, and other accounts.

SCORM Compliant

Using rapid authoring tools like Articulate, Lectora, Captivate, and Storyline, you can create and publish your own training courses in SCORM 1.2 format then upload them to the Learning Management System.

Multiple Currencies

With a fully integrated multi-currency eCommerce store and shopping cart system, our LMS allows your company to sell products and services to your customers in multiple currencies.

Search Engine

System administration is easy with our built-in search engine that allows you to perform searches by first name, last name, username, email address, course code, company name, and more.

Automated Email Notification

Built-in email notifications let users know when courses have been added to their account, their password has been reset, and when any of their courses are about to expire.


Using PEER 1’s Mission Critical Cloud technology, your information is protected with HTTPS encryption, dedicated firewalls, virus protection, and more.

Survey Tool

Using the survey feature built into our LMS, you can quickly and easily gather information from thousands of users, then utilize our reporting tool to view the results.

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