Tri-global Solutions provides a range of advisory services to help our clients formulate and execute strategy, seize new opportunities, implement changes, drive value, and realize their growth potential. Our clients turn to us as a trusted business partner because we offer evidence-based pragmatic advice and a global breadth of experience, combined with an unbiased and independent perspective.

Our Management Consulting Services

Strategic Planning

Our experts will help you craft a unified vision for your organization, and establish an enterprise framework to successfully achieve that vision.

Governance Model Design/Implementation & Interim Management

Experienced professionals are available to support your team at any point in the planning process.

Communications Planning & Management

Ensure that the right people have the right information at the right time across your organization.

Readiness Review

Before you take the next steps in planning and executing any major initiative, we can help ensure that your organization and stakeholders are prepared and ready with all the necessary resources, expertise and tools to carry that initiative forward to a successful conclusion.

Stakeholder Engagement & Collaboration

We design and implement stakeholder engagement strategies and frameworks to efficiently and effectively inform, consult, involve, collaborate with, and empower your stakeholders.


We provide expertise, frameworks and protocols to identify your outsourcing needs, select the best outsourcing model to fit, then effectively manage and monitor your outsourced services. Read more here.

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Change Management

Without the capacity to handle change and without the expertise to manage change, even the most well-planned and well-executed initiative is at risk of failing to deliver successfully. We can offer seasoned Change Management experts to guide changes in your organization, or we can provide expertise and best-practice frameworks to build change management capacity within your own team.

Environmental Scans, Feasibility Studies & Business Case Development

It’s vital for any organization to take a pro-active approach and be ahead of the technology trend, rather than making changes to plans and processes once a project has started. We perform environmental scans to analyze and understand the external environment and collect information on current trends and various systems or technologies used in a given industry. Having these facts help define our objectives in the planning process. Before investing in any major technology or business initiative, we will ensure that the business needs are clearly articulated and that potential solutions are accurately evaluated for cost, benefit, and feasibility.

Organizational Design, Performance Optimization & Business Transformation

    • Organizational Design and Business Architecture: We align the structure and design of your organization for dynamic and effective execution of your corporate strategy. Unify and synchronize the activities and outcomes across your company to achieve visible improvements – reduced costs, higher quality, and happier customers.
    • Value-Driven/Results-Based Process Modeling: We refine and focus your business operations to consistently and efficiently produce measurable business value and demonstrable results.
    • Capability Assessments and Strategy Maps: We optimize your information, personnel and technology resources to achieve the business outcomes you want, with balanced scorecards and key performance indicators to monitor performance and continuously improve.

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