PortPro is a project portfolio management solution that captures all investments within a central repository to help align projects, portfolios, and operations with strategic plans. Our tool helps organizations achieve the benefits of standardizing and following project management policies, processes, and trusted methods. With PortPro, organizations can effectively manage resources, collaborate, and coordinate across projects and track portfolio performance in the office or out in the field.


Organizations who place a great deal of importance on enterprise project planning and management across multiple projects benefit from PortPro’s centralized resourcing, capacity planning, portfolio management, automated approval processing, enterprise dashboards, and much more. PortPro modernizes the project and portfolio management process by evolving your organization’s project management intelligence, promoting standardized process and practices, and driving project managers to mature and develop rigor to capture good information for their projects.


Consistent Microsoft user experience

A fraction of the cost of other enterprise systems

Access information anywhere, anytime 

Business Intelligence

Align portfolios to corporate strategic objectives with the help of organizational defined KPI’s driven by Business Intelligence.

Real-time Data

Access real-time project performance information with easy to use dashboards and improve your status reports for project leaders, executives & board members.

Governance & Oversight

Enhance enterprise-wide decision making and improve governance through data visibility, integrity, and controls across your portfolio of projects, resources, and tasks.

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Our solutions grows with your company. You should never have change your processes to accommodate a software.

Fast Set-Up

Reduce customization costs and accelerated implementation time by accessing our ready-to-use platform and framework tailored to your organizational needs.

Centralize Information

Streamline user experience with easy to navigate centralized storage and share project related documents including related issues and risks. Access pre-configured dashboards and reports, and specific detailed industry templates all with a click of a button.

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